Introducing Soylana $SOY

What is Soylana coin?

Soylana $SOY is the official meme token of Hedgies.

Soylana $SOY has no economic value and is not an investment. The Hedgies project will not be paying, distributing, or entitling its holders to any royalties, income, revenue or profit sharing.

1 SOY = 1 SOY

Our mission is to provide worthwhile incentives and strategic value that allow collectors of all backgrounds to participate within the laws of their jurisdiction. We take this stance in order to ‘future proof’ the Hedgies project and provide a stable and strong project for Hedgie holders for years to come.

Yielding Soylana?

When passive yielding begins, everyone holding a Hedgie in their wallet will automatically earn Soylana. When live, see the supply and smart contract will be here:


Everyone who participates in the public mint will receive a bonus of 10,000 $SOY per Hedgie minted.


Soylana is distributed daily for 1 year at a rate of 1,000 $SOY for every unlisted HEDGIE.

What can I do with my $SOY?

Soylana $SOY has several use cases which include:

✓ Bet your $SOY against others in the “Heads or Quills” game

✓ Swapping Soylana for future exclusive NFT collections

✓ Swapping $SOY for limited edition Hedgie Merch

✓ Tipping fellow Hedgies and members of the public with $SOY for good deeds or insightful comments

✓ And more! We want your ideas and your vote!



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