Introducing Hedgies!

Genesis Hedgie!

What are Hedgies?

Hedgies are a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain. This genesis collection contains 6,666 randomly assembled hedgehogs from over 300k total options. Hedgies have a variety of outfits, faces and colors — all hedgehogs are hedgin’ amazing, but some are more rare than others. With over 190 different traits, each Hedgie is comprised of a unique body, hat, face, background and outfit — the possibilities are endless!

Why mint a Hedgie?

Not only will you be part of one of the most amazing, curated but randomized NFT projects to date and geting a hedgin’ good profile picture — you will be part of the movement that determines the direction and future of Hedgies. Owning Hedgie gives you a voice and access to an exclusive member’s only area to discuss future developments Soylana — our community token, breeding, next generation Hedgies, merch designs, the app, and much more!

Sounds good, How much?

1 HEDGIE will a cost a flat rate of 0.42 SOL

Are Hedgies a good investment?

Our goal is for Hedgies to become a mainstay in the Solana NFT ecosystem. Our team is dedicated and committed to the success of the project. We will be working with the community to keep evolving and growing the project. However the success of Hedgies relies on so many factors and variables! Our team is hopeful that Hedgies go to the moon, but like anything in life, please evaluate the risk for yourself and make sound investment decisions.

Who are the Hedgies behind the Hedgies?

We’re a team full of geeks and artists who love making cool stuff! Our team consists of quetzal!, the queen of creativity and the person who is responsible for the iconic minty fresh hedgehog design. Ye, a superb artist who assists the team with amazing creative content. MilanMito, the big brain responsible for all the technical aspects from smart contracts to cloud infrastructure — the stuff that is basically black magic to the rest of us. Señor Hedgie who keeps the community informed — you’ll probably see him messing about in the discord, make sure to give him a shout! Aside from their core team there are so many more wonderful people who gave their time to make Hedgies as awesome as it is!


There are 6666 Hedgies with 22 legendary Hedgies. We have reserved 50 non legendary Hedgies for community giveaways, competitions and holder airdrops.



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